Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Thoughts

Books! I love to read, but I have to be honest - I have not read a lot of "parenting books."  They seem to be very overwhelming & when you have so many great parents around you, well . . .

I have recently been introduced to a Bible study series called "She Reads Truth."  This group puts out some great online/book Bible studies that are true to Scripture.  They are geared to get women focusing back on Scripture & not on what the world says of Scripture.  Why are so many people looking for truth & help in places that offer whatever they feel like offering?  These Bible studies have renewed my love of God's Word, of His truth.  The creators wrote a book (above) with the same name.  When I heard about the book I thought it would tell their stories & I was curious, BUT the book did so much more.  The book talked of finding permanent in an ever-changing world.  I think I look for permanent & everything is always changing.  I think I want to rest in permanence, but that can only be found in one place - GOD!  I think, actually I know, this book clarified my thoughts for myself & brought to light the truths I knew, but always took for granted.

The other book pictures above was a gift from my sister-in-law that I started awhile ago& of course misplaced. . . I thought it was supposed to be a funny story (and it was HILARIOUS), but it was also a beautiful Bible study on women & relationships & on the truths of Scripture.  Whoever thought you would pick up a funny story & underline half of it because you wanted to make sure those truths stuck a little more?  I cried from the funny stories & the truths of Scripture.

When you get out books & have to have your Bible(s) open & a couple of different color pens ready for underling in all, well then, you need to recommend.
And of course they will be saved for my girl as well . . .

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cinco is 11!

It's true - our Cinco is turning 11!
Our first boy is growing up much too fast (do I say that in every birthday post?) & this Momma is ready for him to STOP!  I love this age - he is still innocent & funny, but carries on great conversations & thinks of others.
So far nothing "tween" is showing up.   We are ALL boy.
He got his first gun at Christmas (be-be)  & I will have to take him shopping today to get him some new clothes because he has hit a growth spurt.
Can you always be this fun?
Can you always be this cool?
Can you always love your momma this much & not be afraid for anyone to know it?
Thank you for being a great big brother.  Thank you for doing well in school & being an example in class.
I pray your dreams come true & I know they will when you work at them so hard.
To another great year! Love, Mommy

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017!
Welcome to our home & family!
Welcome to our new adventures!

We are so excited to meet you & see what you have in store.
We are ready for more twirling, soccer, football, music & imaginary friends.
We are excited for good grades & playdates.
We are ready for riding & running through the neighborhood.

What will you teach us this year?
What will you hold for our hearts?

We know there will be good & bad, happy & sad, but may they all come gently & truthfully?
We know there will be grace, but may there be extra helpings.
We know there will be lots of Love, but may it grow in abundance.

"What is one thing you are looking forward to in 2017?
Bay: Being in the leadership class - 8th grade!
WFM5: Going to middle school!
Whitty: Going to a new school by himself
Baby Lee-Lee: Playing with Kazoo (pet hamster)

"We have seen His glory, 
the glory of the one and only Son, 
who came from the Father,
full of grace and truth."
John 1:14

~ the Martins

Friday, December 16, 2016

Merry Christmas to you & yours . . .

From our family to yours we wish you the Merriest of Christmases!
I am taking a Christmas card off my to-do list this year, I LOVE a Christmas card, but this momma needed more time to focus on other things this year.
We had a hard time in October & November with the hospitalization & then loss of my grandfather.  Great-Granddaddy Bill was a special man who my kids miss every day.  We talk about his funny statements & how we were so glad he moved closer to be with us in his last years.  We learned stories about when he was a little boy & we learned about how he gave back to others & his church.  We learned how he loved his family.  We learned these important things & how family ALWAYS comes first!
We learned A LOT of things this year . . .
We learned the value of hard work & how everything in life is not always easy-peesy.
We learned that we are all different & how that is special & the way God made us.
We learned to pray for our country & trust in God's sovereignty.
We learned that we are all smart & have hidden talents.
We learned that our cousins are some of the best friends around.
We learned that our Daddy can win a hole-in-one contest on a COOL cruise.
We learned that grandparents should not travel at the same time & we are spoiled with them living SO CLOSE.
We learned that our neighborhood is a gift from above.

Can you tell we have been busy?!

Our family has watched many twirling performances, soccer games, football games & imaginary friends.
Our family has WON & lost.
Our family has practiced.
Our family has driven carpool & enjoyed ICEES.
Our family has worshiped & served together.

Our family has done all of this as a family.
Our family is one of life's greatest gifts from God.
Salvation & family are the truest of gifts
So as you celebrate this BEAUTIFUL season with your family, know we are praying for peace & truth & love for you & yours.

the Martins
Marty, Jocelyn , Baylor (13), William (10), Whitt (9) & Lee-Lee (4)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#4 is 4!

My #4 is turning 4 today!
What do we say about Lee-Lee?  Well . . . he is a "little bit country & a little bit rock 'n roll."  He could "end up in the White House or in the local jail."  When asked in church for his favorite song to sing his hand shoots up & he says, "Uptown Funk!"  When asked any question in the family Advent time his hand shoots up & he says "God is SO powerful!"

He is who he is . . . .
You are one of life's greatest surprises. You have kept this momma on her toes, even after you have run over them with your tricycle. . . .while chasing imaginary bears.
You love LIFE!  You go after what you want & you don't let anyone stop you.  You have dreams - BIG ones & a huge imagination to fuel them.
Have fun little man! Let the games begin. . .
Love, Mommy

Monday, December 5, 2016

Back To School 2016

Here is the other group . . .
Well, a few weeks/months ago we sent the first wave off to the halls of learning & then today we sent the littlest off to pre-school.
I worry about these days every year . . .  Will they have friends in their classes?  Will they like their teachers?  Will they be shown kindness?  Will they be shy?
They will do great!
They will learn & love & laugh & make me proud!
Love you to pieces ~ Mommy

School Days

I did send the kiddos back to school in August - I just forget to document it here.

Well kiddos, you have started another year in your EDUCATION!  That's right - the formative years of 7th, 5th, 3rd & 3 Year Pre-school have begun & we are trying to form you into SUPER SMART adults.  Actually, truth be told, we just want you to have some sense so you make "wise choices." (My favorite mommy saying) And at school they teach you reading & math so that one day you can follow directions on travels & back home to Mommy & you can balance YOUR bank account (aka- NOT ours).
The school year has started a little crazy & that is just going to be the norm around here for the next 16 years (that is when Lee goes to college). I am thinking now that I may send Lee to college with Baylor & let me help the 2 middle boys get through high school & then I can get Lee through middle school & high school  . . . .Anyway, I digress, we are having to work a little extra in 3rd grade this year, but everyone has something they struggle with & this is going to be our year to get through those struggles.  5th grade is "just fine, no worries" & 7th grade is "a little harder, but no worries, Mom." I was told pre-school would be better if they had a zipline on the playground, but there is only so much this Mommy can do.
Of course we have soccer, majorettes & flag football.  We have added in youth group, 3 Bible studies & Wednesday night church.  We are now in a carpool that covers 3, of the 4, schools.  We play in the neighborhood & keep the ATM machine busy with middle school football game concessions & tickets.  We cart "twirly girls" around & roll down the windows when the soccer boys are in the car (SMELLY!).
I love these 4 & miss them when they go back to school each Fall . . .Mommy
**Now I just have to find my back to school pictures